Theme of Idea - Dorito

The idea behind my Dorito is that there is a couple at the cinema who are actually Doritos.

I was playing with the idea that Doritos are like cinema snacks and that outside the actual bag they are really at the cinema and the music you hear is the actual film.
I found you can slightly see through the bag if you shine a light to it or is directed near light, so the doritos were watching the film as well.

I also played with the idea of having that annoying person always asking questions about the film they are watching and never shutting up and just enjoy it, or disturbing people as they try and enjoy the film aswell.


Thoughtful lecture.

We were asked to do produce a 15 second ident and a 5 second ident for Do lectures.

We went to the fifth floor to talk about who are our inspirations in life to drive us to do things.
I mentioned my mother as a huge influence in life as she went from being a nurse to a single mum of three to a student again, being a training teacher to being a full time lecturer at a college, educating national diploma and introductory diploma students in health and social care.

She bounced back from nothing and she has been with me all the way and encouraged to do what I wanted, and helped me stay on track, otherwise I don't think I would of come this far in education after school and would of ended up not doing what I wanted and be miserable.

I found the morning intriguing and it helped with a few things, like it gave me a few ideas, like no matter how little the thing is, it always leaves a big impact in someones life and pushes them to do what they really want to instead of doing something they are not really happy about.

Died Young, Stayed pretty.

We went down to the lecture theater to watch this DVD.
It was about the culture and the posters of the underground music scene.

I thought the DVD was good, and I loved the art work, and it was amusing at times but I felt like it could of been better with the interviews and make it less boring to watch
but the things that were mentioned seemed relevant to me personally.

London trip

Double Negative.

While going to London, we had a choice to visit two companies, one being We are seventeen and the other Double Negative, I chose to go with the latter.

We were shown around by Vic who is head of HR and she showed us where they produce the 3D and 2D effects they do with films and such.

Vic told us that their are five floors to Double Negative and started out as a small number of people and has grown to a big company.

Near the end they showed us a show reel of their work and asked us questions on what we were working on at the moment.

Shellsuit Zombie.

In the Evening we got to meet post-grads Shellsuit Zombie, three guys and one girl.
They set us a task to sell one thing to someone that is associated with a particular target audience. So we had to pick two pieces of paper like a lucky dip and work with what we got. Although my group didn't present I found it fun, even if I was too tired to enjoy it at the time. Watching the other groups present theirs was entertaining and amusing to watch and was a really good laugh. Also learned a lot from the experience and got to hear what the guys at Shellsuit got up too after the graduated.

There was also this scrap book that was passed around and you got to fill a page with anything you wanted. However I never got the chance to do anything, too many people hogged in so little time and it just never got done, but it was an awesome idea and I think it would be good if we did that ourselves and have the book stay in our room for other students, past or new to put their memories of their time on the course and what they got up to after.


Click ---> DO Research-Jenny

In our final piece you will be able to hear violin music playing softly in the background
Also the sounds of a match being lit and wine glassing clinging together
then there will be a female voice over near the end saying "What ever you do, do it well"
and some outside noise.

I got the idea of a couple dressed in formal wear in a small dingy cafe when I went to a Fast Food restaurant and saw two people dressed in formal wear one night and thought it was a nice twist in things and tried to portray that in this 15 second clip.

Doritos Brief

For this brief I looked into the style in which I wish to answer it.
on Youtube I stumbled across this channel called the realannoyingorange.

I decided to mix stop motion and live action.
The live action is the mouth and the eyes,
and the Stop motion is the Dorito itself.

However with the annoying orange the person who created it only used live action, the orange it self does not move during his sketches however the mouth and eyes do. he duplicates one of the eyes instead of using both.

I chose to use both eyes.
Using stop motion for this is proven difficult with matching the faces with the actual Doritos as they moved.

I also looked into MightBoosh's character "The Moon" as a reference to a similar style.

Packaging brief

Its a what if Relentless [energy drink] did a fragrance this would be the package.

Kerrang Ident

My final piece of the ident brief.
Using 3D modeling in maya.