Halestorm - I get off

Thinking of using 10 seconds of this video in my ident. There is really good bit near the beginning before the chorus kicks in which I could use. I think it might be really effective.

Marble Arch on fire - the Supernatural projection for LIVING

The Supernatural projection of the gates of hell on Marble Arch.

LIVING pulled off an amazing projection stunt in London – where Marble Arch turned into the gates of hell to promote the new series of Supernatural on Living TV!

I love how creative this is just to promote a programme.


LIVING ident paint fight

LIVING XMAS Ident & Hit and run.

LIVING Ident November 2009 to Present - Impossible

LIVING Ident November 2009 to present - purple.

LIVING Ident Novemebr 2009 to present - green.

LIVING Ident November 2009 to Present - Domino

LIVING Ident - Hangover TV

Shriek - Kerrang! idents


Shriek is a multi award winning and one of London’s leading music production houses, established for over five years. During that time we have built up a broad international client base in the television and advertising industries.
for more info go to www.shriek-music.com

Shriek : Kerrang '07 Blasted

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Death Ray

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Explosions

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Hover Board

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Kiss

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Morphing

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Martial Arts

Shriek : Kerrang '07 Raygun

Kerrang TV idents.

Kerrang Idents - Andy Martin.

Kerrang! Idents from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

Kerrang Idents - Marco ammannati. "On air identity"

Kerrang! - On Air Identity from marco ammannati on Vimeo.

Kerrang! 'lift' Launch ad - ODD

Kerrang! 'Lift' Launch Ad from ODD on Vimeo.

Kerrang! top 20 rock deaths ident. - Marco Ammannati.

Top 20 Rock Deaths - Show Opener from marco ammannati on Vimeo.

Kerrang!/relentless Tour Idents - played between the sets. - Peter Dunphy.

Kerrang! Tour Animation from Peter Dunphy on Vimeo.

Kerrang! 105.2 Idents - ODD

Kerrang! 105.2 Idents from ODD on Vimeo.

Kerrang! Launch Ident.

The launch of the music channel Kerrang on 2nd April 2001.

Scuzz TV

Scuzz Showreel May 09. a short history on the channel and its new website, this shows small examples of the channels idents.

Scuzz Branding. Jon Yeo 2003. from Jon Yeo on Vimeo.

The first Idents for the channel. created by Jon Yeo.

couldnt find recent idents for the channel.