Do Animatic - No sound -

The sounds will just be the slight grunting and heaving sounds from both characters as they try to push the impossible.
Then a scraping sound like a heavy table scraping along the floor as the massive object finally moves.
As the two letters shift together at the end there will be a slight clinking sound as if two metal blocks are put together like a magnet.

Portfolio Crit

Jojo Lowes' work. <-- click to view.
Jo is a freelance Designer, but also does photography and teaches.
I went to visit her at her home and showed her my show reel, she gave me a brief critique while watching my work then sent me a message via facebook in detail on what she thought for each.
This is what she sent:

Portfolio Crit


I particularly enjoyed how the visuals “reflected” the chosen music. As the reflected images came in and out of focus the music pace and volume mirrored this with equally sensitive fade outs. The film covers a wide range of reflections both urban and natural, which all have their own unique effect which still managing to look part of an over all theme.
The piece could be developed into a further project by choosing one place and tracking the reflections that happen over a full day, possibly using stop motion.
Also as most reflections are at strongest when they are central screen adding a vignette to really bring out the main image.

If Relentless did a Fragrance:-
Good clean lines, great 3D effect, smooth transitions between movements. The colour green suggests a lack of association with a specific gender…Was this on purpose? It would be interesting to see this promo a his and hers version of the products and how this would change the overall effect.

Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side Title Sequence:
I entirely say this as a compliment, Oh my days this is one disturbing piece of film. The faded visuals on the screen are a really nice contrast to the realism of the dolls. The lighting on the faces works really well too. From a typographic point of view I would place all the type in the same place. But I really love this piece its very effective.

Kerrang Ident:
Short and sweet. Great choice of track, fit in perfectly with the end of shit explosion climax.

Doorway: Choices:
Great use of juxtaposition, combining the sharp clean furniture, blank 3D room with the paper cut Alice and piano. Great quality audio recording. Red room reflecting experiences of drug really sums up the unsteadyness and lack of control that drugs inflict on your life, this feeling is pushed further with the upside door and moving of the walls. Really love the use of mixed media and the chaos it suggests.

Do lecture ideas ...

Looking at some old adverts on youtube, the John West ads made me laugh but they also gave me an idea on the salmon jumping until reaching their goal.

Making goals is one of the core ideas I have after asking people from all over the same question which they answered and most have said making goals and achieving them.

Looking at this John West advert above I remembered the new Weetabix marathon advert. With a similar idea but different humour with the witty carefree banter whilst winning a marathon.

Download's Big Screen (Ian Watkins - Lostprophets)

I found this image on the internet.

And photoshopped a tutu onto it, just for fun.

And one of my friends who went to the Download festival in 2008 texted the image to the big screen the day Lostprophets were headlining and the whole crowd saw it while waiting for them to come on stage.

The blog banner.

I drew all the images free hand before scanning them and then adding colour to them in on photoshop, using different layers for the different colours being used so its easier to edit around to create a vector style image.

I got the idea from an Anime called The Wallflower.

All these images I managed to put together in my own way which inspired me to create the banner at the top of my blog.
The images were researched through the search engine google (The Wallflower Anime).

The screaming people from the Anime influenced the creation of my own version of the screaming people within my blog banner.