Glass Ident.

Crime Scene Ident.

Safe Ident.

Woods Ident.

Im not keen on all the writing, quotes, from the programs illustrating the theme of the channel.
The feel of it.
Its a great Idea but I wish there was a better concept.

Syfy Kids


Syfy releasing a new sub channel called Syfy Kids.
The audience will be aimed from ages 2 to 17.



Introducing the new brand.

SyFy TV Channel Promo - House of Imagination (Imagine Greater)

The new TV Channel SyFy's (formally known as Sci Fi Channel) new Promo called House of Imagination in HD. New slogen is: SyFy - Imagine Greater

I like how they show that the target audience is now aimed at anyone and not just people who are interested in UFO's etc.
but still have the supernatural element and has more of an elegant way to portray the concept.



Syfy- "Imagination Park"

Syfy's rebrand launch in New York Installation.

3D lettering emerging from the ground to show that something new is coming this way / reborn from something thats old.
"Imagination Park"

Idea ... Internet Collaboration

Creative Cross Internet Collaboration Music Video.

One of my ideas was to make a collaboration video similar to this but not as organized.
basically I wanted to set up my own side brief that others can get into during the year all to do with sonic the hedgehog and in the end have a video with thousands of other video's within with people all over doing something like drawing, dressing up, making a model, playing, creating something to do with sonic and film themselves doing so ... and what they did after they made it ...
& obvious with me doing the same to introduce the idea to everyone.

Sonic & Cheerios

I filmed cheerios filling up just too see how they rest for when I create the gold rings and how they will rest once they have filled up the screen in my piece of work.

Sonic Animatic

Improved animatic on the timing of the music.
(Might have to change music but not sure yet
or do two versions of the same thing with different audio.)
Thinking of the ending audio and will decide what to do at the end to make it more dynamic instead of it just fading away as it doesn't really fit.