Brothers Quay

A few examples of stop motion, using a doll.
Stille Nacht I Dramolet 1988 - Quay Brothers

Brothers Quay - Short Films
(Courts métrages Frères Quay)
Quay brothers

England - 1985/93 - 1h05

Stille Nacht I (88),
Stille Nacht II (91),
Stille Nacht III (92),
Stille Nacht IV (93),
Street of crocodiles (85),
Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies(87),
The Comb (90).

Testing green screen

Testing the lighting and positioning of the dolls, screen, lights etc.

Green screen

The green screening process of part of my title sequence, testing out the timing of the movement
obviously stop frame animation

Also a Still image of the other doll I used on green screen

Part of Mark snow - leap of faith - track 20

I used this track for the main titles, ending credits and the bumpers.
Mark Snow composed the theme tune to the TV series of ghost whisperer.

Ghosts on film

I saw this after Derren Brown tweeted a link to it on his blog, (Ah! I know shameful, I'm on twitter) I thought it was a neat trick. Might use it later in life.

Science Of Scams Dot Com
- click the link to go view the official website.

Science of Scams are another form of webisodes, created by Derren Brown.
Derren and the team released 7 hoax videos which appear to be paranormal phenomena on youtube.
Science of Scams is a series that exposes the secrets behind those 7 hoaxes and how they were created. The video above is webisode number 2 called 'Ghosts on film'.

"Derren and his team have released 7 hoax videos which appear to be paranormal phenomena. In fact they’re all based upon real scientific principles and there’s nothing paranormal about them at all. Over the past few months that hoax footage has been posted over the internet in the attempt to find out if people would accept the footage as genuine or question it in an attempt to discover the real truth.
Can you find the hoaxes before we reveal the secret science behind scams?"

(, 06/10/2009)

Tester on flashes between images

My test of the flash between images, its very quick but you get the idea on what I want.

This is an example from an advert to the linked show Ghost whisperer with the flashing of images.

Maggie Taylor Vs. Digital Kitchen

Maggie Taylor is an American Digital artist and photographer who uses photoshop to create prints.

"Maggie Taylor used to be a still-life photographer who created collages by physically laying out her compositions and then capturing them on film. She then discovered digital photography and how images could be transformed and enriched thanks to Photoshop, a technique she has used since 1996."
(, 1/10/09)

Digital Kitchen used Taylor's prints in the title sequence for 'Ghost Whisperer' and changed some of the prints to fit the program. You could say its a 2.5D animation, for they used still images and made them like they were in a 3D world, much like Taylor did with her originals.

Left, Maggie Taylor's original prints.
Right, Digital Kitchens Ghost whisperer Opening Credits.

Find more prints and similar ones to the credits on Maggie Taylor's website, Maggie

The opening Credits to Ghost Whisperer by Digital Kitchen (link in side bar)

I Was thinking of using Ghost whisperer as a starting point in my own title sequence, but make one for its 'webisode', a spin off, "Ghostwhisperers The Otherside" the 'webisode' shows you the Otherside of the story the ghosts story.

Found out about this here:
Then went to youtube, and found the first 'webisode' which is below.

The Otherside, 'Webisode' 1.