The Final Destination 3D

Ah okay so I'm a fan of the final destination films, wasnt that impressed with some of them but I'm interested in going to see this one, like maybe in 3D that would be cool.

I went to visit the site, and even that made me jump after it loaded.
it also has a short animation sequence once the trailer finishes, for a flash website its what to be expected, simple but effective. The Moving images happen through out the website when you start browsing, I don't think the menu link is that visible but its the only think on the site that doesn't move so i think you can pic it out easily.
It's pretty cool but does get annoying after a while.

The Final Destination Movie Website

Don't think i have seen a film in 3D that isn't a documentary or a short film yet, i have always wanted to and i think this film is good to start with. every film of the final destination trilogy has freaked me out with the story line in the fact you cant cheat death, i sort of like the pharmacological horrors, because then you get the scared, excited feeling in the pit of your stomach, when that happens you know its a good film.

Antony Micallef

A friend told me about this artist not too long ago and I got curious so I began to look him up. His mix of political imagery fused with contemporary expressionism create something original and straight to the point he is trying to make, some more intense than others, which makes his work more respectable on his views.


This piece named 'Face' caught my eye while I was browsing through his work, I just love the different textures and brush strokes he used to create such an abstract piece of art.


This piece made me look twice when I saw it as an icon. This Exhibited at the Royal Academy in London (Burlington Gardens entrance) until Jan 19 2009. I have to say its in your face a little but I like it, like from a distance or small it looks like a moth/butterfly but when you look closer you see a lot of bodies of children forming the shape.

Check out his Websites just click on one of the three pictures to enter the site.

Spookyland - Roman Dirge

Ah! I got all giddy when I came across this guys work 'Roman Dirge'.
I found him on Myspace and he is an odd character himself, but I guess that comes with what he does. He does things like comics and animation, unfortunately the animations are no longer available so I cant show you but here is some of his art work and comic strips.

Fancy Shmancy Lenore.


Lenore Comics

Go Visit his website to see more of his work and find out more.

Six Feet In True Blood

Okay, so I found myself watching 'Six feet under' a few weeks ago and I couldn't get over how much I liked the title sequences, if people know me then they will know that I LOVE title sequences I personally think they are better than the program or film.

I love the composition and the simplicity it has, not to forget the music, which was composed by 'Thomas Newman' fits perfectly with the scenes. I would defiantly want to try something like this one day.

Then I saw another program that has recently started on FX called 'True Blood' and found out that it was the same Director/writer Alan Ball who did 'Six Feet Under', which didn't take much to figure out because they say that in the advertisements.

When I saw the title sequence for 'True Blood' I loved the strange quirkiness of it and the raw material used to make such a unique sequence. It sort of reminds me of the title sequence from the film 'Seven'.
I did a little research to find out who created these title sequences for 'SFU' and 'TB' and found out it was the same company 'Digital Kitchen'. Click the link to check it out yourself.